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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

History of a village in Maryland

Carol Bowman Kehler is a life long summer resident of Deale, Maryland.  She has worked as a high school history teacher and certified genealogist.  While working on a house history of the Roberts home at Cedar Point, she collected interesting facts about the history of the area.  Many thanks go to those residents who told their stories to help preserve the history of Deale.  Special appreciation goes to Ella Roberts Miller and her daughter Doris Miller Bowman for many years of collecting, organizing, photographing, and remembering the history of the House at Cedar Point.  They inspired us to continue learning and preserving our past.

The Roberts family photos are used in this booklet. The Knopp family has shared much information about early Deale with stories from Alvin “Butler” Knopp, Sally Marshall, and Evelyn Broyles, Ida Williams and members of the Deale Area Historical Society.  Additions, corrections, or additional research requests can be sent to Carol at Ancestor Encounters  ancestor.encounters@gmail.com

Sunrise over Herring Bay at Cedar Point

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