Have an Ancestor Encounter!

Ancestor Encounters

GRASP the Past!
In the academic tradition of the scientific method for the sciences and SQ3R (Survey, question, read, recite, review) for the humanities, social studies curriculum needs to teach basic research skills at all levels. As teachers, we have often emphasized the dates and facts in our lessons over the ability to find the information and analyze the data to form coherent conclusions. With technology expanding our horizons and major events happening every day, students need the skills of collecting information and evaluating sources. All the other departments in our schools have written templates for gathering information, sorting and organizing, and then publishing the findings. It is time for the social studies field to have its own methodology taught to students at all levels: teaching them to fish rather than spoon-feeding the facts. Students can encounter their ancestors if we teach them to GRASP the past!
G ather an extensive collection of materials from a variety of sources.
R ead everything available about the subject under study.
A sk questions and undertake oral interviews with eyewitnesses.
S ource citation for every fact is imperative. 
P ublish in any medium: internet, written, oral presentation.